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Who we are

Sweet Om Alabama™ is a 501(c)(3) community service organization that believes in enhancing the lives of individuals through the practice of yoga. Our mission is to cultivate the health and well being of Alabamians by mobilizing the community to bring the benefits of yoga to those who lack access. 

Why yoga?

For thousands of years, yoga has helped people bring awareness to both mind and body. The physical benefits are numerous; relief of chronic back pain, increased strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination. As yoga has become more mainstream, researchers and doctors of various disciplines advocate not only the physical benefits of the practice, but the mental health benefits as well. These include decreasing stress, anxiety and depression, reducing tension, fatigue and anger. These benefits help contribute to personal confidence, clarity and increased quality of life. We believe that yoga has the power to foster personal empowerment, joy and peace, which are the foundations of harmony for any community.


Our roots

“Sweet Om Alabama™” was first introduced to Alabama on T-shirts created to raise money at Birmingham’s inaugural Global Mala in 2007. The gathering, an international event founded by renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea, encourages yogis to leave the borders of their mats and studios and come together for one Saturday a year to raise funds and awareness of pressing social issues. The event — and the Sweet Om Alabama™ shirts, created by Terri Sellers — was so successful that a passionate group of yogis including Sellers, Kerry Meon, Jasper Elliot Wolfe, Shannon Andrews, Krista Martin Jones, and LeAnn Nequette decided to evolve the fundraising effort into a 501(c)(3) organization.

In 2013 Sweet Om Alabama™ obtained 501(c)(3) status, and with it the opportunity to develop meaningful outreach programs, specialized trainings for yoga teachers, and the ability to bring the health benefits of yoga to a larger population.


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